British Pentacostals urge HIV patients to give up medicines and rely on faith

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Why Evolution Is True

When you think of pastors giving people bad advice about AIDS, you think of Catholics in Africa. When you think of pastors telling patients that God, and not Western medicine, can heal them, you think of either Christian Scientists or wacko American fundamentalists.

But some Pentecostal preachers are advising their AIDS-afflicted patients to give up their antivirals—in England!

Since this “survey” is anecdotal, I’ll give just a brief summary of the BBC’s recent report:

The Children’s HIV Association surveyed 19 doctors and health professionals working with babies and children in England; its members had reported hearing anecdotal evidence of HIV patients deciding to stop taking their anti-retroviral drugs because their pastors had told them to do so.

Among 10 doctors who said they had encountered the problem in the last five years, 29 of their patients had reported being put under pressure to stop taking medicine and at…

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